March 5, 2016

Under what circumstances has it been difficult to set personal or professional boundaries and what have you done or will you do to change that?

I must begin by saying that it has taking me a while to be able to digest all this lecture from week-3-that is Values,Judgement,and Boundaries and Expectations. There were several things to which I reacted when reading this lecture but, first, let me tell you that that was me to whom was established for the first time a personal border. This occurs in the early 80's. This happens to me when I first start to live with roommates (classmates) of prep. school I attended in Publa,Mex. To me it was very easy I wear a pair of brand new Levis from my classmate Francisco Campos Garcia without asking him for permission. Although is today and not yesterday that I became aware that Francisco was right when he said in a tone of anger, "do not take my stuff ass-hole,ask me, before taking it." It is because I never knew, I also grew up with not borders as a child. Everywhere in my town back in my childhood was ejido and no one owned anything. Again is today that I try to analyse why I did what I did back high school and all I can see in the back of my head is that I was never taught to respect the belongings of others and these values never were present in my upbringing. I do not remember any other similar incident that occurred recently. As our teacher says, "You and I do have the power to alter shame-based beliefs" and that is why I confess. I don't believe Paco was trying to be aggressive with setting his boundary because he helped me to never do this again. In conclusion, today every youth is safe in my environment, I know I can have youth friends in my FB. Why not? I don't only have to have grown ups, anyway "today I'm lovable."

March 21, 2015


  1. Ask questions to determine wheter there is a problem
  2. Identify and clearly state the problem,considering the ethicalpricnciples that may apply and ranking them in applicability.
  3. Clarify personal values as they relate to the problem.
  4. Consider alternative actions,including benefits and risks.
  5. Decide to carryout the action chose.
  6. Evaluate the outcome and consider what might be done differently next time. (Ca Standards,Pg 333). 
You have a system in place you will have mistakes. Child abuse was touched upon on this subject.
trolley-car ethics
Why a code of ethics
  • It is not just an additional set of (bureaucratic, red-tape,unnecessary) obligations.
  • Instead,it is a decision-making toolbox.
  • Think:sword and shield
It is a rule in Salem,Oregon to interpret. If you know the language then you should.

 A prefessional is a person with specialized skills and knowledge that are not available to the general public and for whom others must rely for those specialized skills or knowledge.
Specialized skills or knowledge are not easily substitutable nor subject to automation (Think Henry Ford's Model T Factory).
A professional has to make executive decision  based on incomplete and/or imperfect information and has to live with consequences.

The real sanction and you say that you are and you aren't I'm not advocating one way or another. It is actually really bad for one's persons or company to say that they are certified. The company 


TOTAL SELFLESSNESS                                                    TOTAL SELFISHNESS
Fiduciary 1) n. from the Latin fiduacia,meaning "trurst," a person (or a business like a bank or stock brokerage) who has the power and obligation to act to 


"The result [of acreditation] could lead to increase state reimbursement for healthcare interpreter services . ultimately,these standards of practice will contribute to the recognition and acceptable of the velue of healthcare interpreting as a profession."
(Ca Standars , pg 21)


"The interpreter treats as confidential,within the treating team,all information learned in the performance of their professional duties, while observing relevant requirement regarding disclosure."
(ethics,pg 3)
See also, CA standards,pg   (25-26)

In Oregon no one can make you testify against your husband or wife (lawyer)

ORS 40.252 Rule 504-5.
Communications revealing intent to commit certain crimes.

When the interpreter tends "to be bound too much by the source material,resulting in renditions that are too literal,stilted,or at times incomprehensible,and do not sound natural in the target language.
Oftentimes,the renderings are
"word for word" or driven by the mistaken assumption tht the interpretations should be "literal."

This is when an interpreter renders:
"[A]n approximate or condensed version of the original in his/her 'own words' instead of preserving all the elements of the original message."

Mimes banned for abusive language





April 4, 2012

March 4, 2012

*  Nearly almost every US citizen has heard the name Oprah Winfrey either from her well rated T.V. show OPRAH or as a shinning Hollywood star. Yet, a very vital piece of data people aren’t familiar with is the fact that she had to fight with tooth and claw—for being outside the mythical norm—to rise to a popular and wealthy actress. That is the stuff of myth!
*  George Mair reports, “the nearby town of Kosciusko served as part of one of the most important and infamous frontier routes in American history. It was the 449-mile interstate “highway” of the two hundred years ago that led

November 14, 2011

August 29, 2011


July 19, 2011



    1. .Which one of the following contractors is not exempt from licensing?     
    2. Those who  work on a structure or projects with a contract totaling $550
    3. Which of the following is not one of the CCB categories  Plumber
    4. The current maximum recovery of damages you can take to small claims court is?    $7500
    5. Contractors can locate copies of statutes and rules from: CCB
    6. The penalty for working without a license can be upto  5000 
    7. In individual or business entity will hire employees the must obtain:                          
    8.  A BIN/EIN/ and a compliance number from workers compensation division.
    9.  If an individual or business entity operates under an ABN the name must be   
    10.   registered with whom?  The  Oregon Corporation Division                                               
    11. The CCB’s purpose is to                                                                                
    12. A) Provide free consumer information                                                                                
    13. B) help resolve disputes between  contractors and consumers
    14. C) provide contractors information to consumers                                                            
    16. 10.Which of the following is not a dispute resolution process offered by the CCB? Litigation
    17. 11.A party to the arbitration may request that a complaint be decided in a contested case proceeding instead of arbitration if the total amount of alleged damaged is      1000 or more.
    18. 12.Owner John Smith would not need to register an (ABN) for which of the following John J Smith Enterprises
    19. 13.If you are an exempt contractor you can have 0 employees?
    20. 14.All licensed contractors must be independent contractors and not employees of a business
    21. 15.An exempt business is : A business that is not required to have workers compensation and does not have employees.
    22. 16.A licensed contractor can file a claim against another licensed contractor performing work as a subcontractor on a new structure. This claim must be file within 14 months after the date the structure was first occupied or within 2 years after completion of the structure, whichever comes first.
    23. 17.A written contract is required. The contractor must provide  a  to prospective residential clients or customers.
    24. A)  consumer protection notice  
    25. B)  notice of procedure  
    26. C)  notice to owner about construction liens
    27. D)  all of the above on request
    28. 18.Which independent contractor is non-exempt from workers compensation  requirement?  Sole proprietorship with two family member employees.
    29. 19.In a sole proprietor business:                                                                                         1er person owns,operates and leads the business. 1er person has sole control and sole responsibility for all business decisions and actions. Sole proprietors have the greatest degree of business freedom and least degree of business regulations. Sole proprietor maybe personally liable for all debts,indemnities and obligations of the sole proprietorship. ALL OF THE ABOVE
    30. 20.If a contractor fails to complete the work, how long does the owner have after the date the contractor ceased work on the structure to file a complaint? 1 year
    31. 21.The CCB has 7 sections,which of the following is not one of them?                 Attorney and mitigations referral section
    32. 22.Who must be licensed with the CCB?                                                               Anyone conducting construction activities with the intent to sell for compensation.
    33. 23.Of the following,which is not one of the five criteria listed in your manual ,demonstrating an independently established business?                                     Provides contract services to one or more of its clients
    34. 24.All licensed contractors must have a surety bond.                                                      A surety bond  is a  promise by a bonding agency to pay a CCB final order or arbitration
    35. 25.Mediation is when a neutral third party helps the parties resolve a dispute
    36. 26.A limited contractor is required to carry 10,000 bond and $ 1000,000 liability
    37. 27.Of the following,who needs to be licensed with the CCB? A person involved in the movement or transporting of modular buildings or structures not in excess of 18 feet wide
    38. 28.Which of the following contractors must notify the CCB and change their license category if they exceed $40,000 gross construction work in one year?                Residential limited contractor
    39. 29.Which of the following contractors must notify the CCB and change their license category if they exceed 40,000 gross construction work in one year?                  Residential Limited Contractor
    40. 30.What are the reasons to know the difference between business entities ?             entity choice will affect tax,liability and workers compensation issues
    41. 31.Which of the following is not one of the contractor violations listed in your manual? Assisting a licensed contractor
    42. 32.In general, an owner may file a complaint within 1 years after the structure was first occupied, 2 years after the date the work was substantially completed occupied, or 1 years after completion whichever is 1st.
    43. 33.Which of the following is a common administrative or enforcement action that the CCB uses?                                                                                                                          
    44. A) Warning or notice of intent to take action                                                                       
    45. B) Court injunction                                                                                                             
    46. C) Corrective action order                                                                                                   
    47. C) All OF THE ABOVE
    48. 34.Which of the following forms explains to customers  what actions they may take to protect themselves during a construction project?                                                      
    50. 35.Mediation ? is similar to court proceedings,but is quicker and less expensive.
    51. 36.On what page in your reference manual can you find a chart showing all the information regarding required residential construction notices? 1-37 or 4-15
    52. 37.Which of the following is exempt from Workers Compensation Insurance
    53. LLC with no more than two members.
    54. 38.Which best describes workers compensation? Provides employees injured on the job with medical treatment,payment for lost time and/or disability and re-employment assistance.
    55. 39.A business trust’s name must be registered with the?                                              
    56. A)  or corporation division business registry.
    57. 40.Which of the following is not one of the CCB’s claim procedures for residential structures? Litigation
    58. 41.When you become license you become an independent contractor, what  rights do you give up? You give up.- qualifying for workers compensation unless it is your own policy, apply for unemployment insurance.
    59. 42. Small “commercial structure” means a nonresidential structure that has a ground area for 4,000 sq ft or less, including exterior walls, and a high of no more than 20 feet from the top surface of the lowest flooring  to the highest interior finish of the structure.
    60. 43.If you work as a commercial specialty contractor you must post these amounts of bond and liability insurance. A 50,000 bond and 100,000 liability insurance
    61. 44.Which of the following would not meet the experience requirement in order to become a general commercial contractor levels 1 and 2? Employees with 6 years licensed contracting experience between-them.
    62. 45.A person intending to work as a contractor must first determine and set up the business entity he/she wishes to use before applying for a license. True
    63. 46.A written contract is required.                                                                                        A) consumer protection notice                                                                                            B) Notice of procedure                                                                                                        C) Notice to owner about construction liens                                                                       D) ALL OF THE ABOVE
    64. 47.Which of the following contractors is not exempt from licensing? Those who work on a structure or project with a contract totaling $550
    65. 48.Which of the following is not a complain the CCB has the authority to process? Employees complaints for injury while on the job.
    66. 49.Which of the following business entities is made up of 1 or more general partners who control the business and are personally liable for company debts and obligations? Limited partnership
    67. 50.A commercial general contractor that constructs a new, large commercial structure must provide the owner with a 2 year warranty.
    68. 51.If you work as a residential general contractor, you must post these amounts of bond and liability insurance. $20,000 bond and 500,000 liability insurance.
    69. 52.A employee can file a claim against an employer who is licensed with CCB within 1 years.
    70. 53.Contested Case Hearing is similar to a court proceeding with an administrative law judge presiding.
    71. 54.In regards to payments of complains, a contractor must pay a final order for damages within 30 days.
    72. 55.During claim procedures for residential structures,the investigator’s recommendation may not be: To proceed with a mediator to settle the claim
    73. 56.Which section of the CCB supports functions for CCB-operations? The Administrative Services Section provides business supports functions for CCB operations.

    1. CHAPTER 2
    2. Written notice of acceptance or denial of a workers compensation claim must be furnished to the employee by the insurer within 60 days after the employer receives notice of the claim.
    3. Which of the following is not one of the responsibilities of the Bureau of Labor and Industries?
    4. respond to workers compensation issues
    5. In regard to employment agreements, an Implied contract
    6. is one that is not formed by an explicit agreement of the parties.
    7. Contractors on public works projects where prevailing wage rates apply must post a notice that includes all the following except:
    8. where to get help regarding safety violations should they occur
    9. The Oregon Family and Medical Leave Act only applies to employers with 25 or more employees. Which of the following may an employer ask a job applicant? do you have references
    10. An employer’s breach occurs when the employer does not live up to the express, implied or
    11. bargained agreement. This includes such things as:
    12. A. not paying the agreed-upon salary
    13. B. not paying wages in a timely manner
    14. C. not providing agreed-upon benefits
    15. D. all of the above
    16. ·Employees 18 years or over must receive 10 minutes of paid rest for every 4 hours worked.
    17. ·After the first Workers Compensation offense, if an employer continues to employ without coverage,
    18. the penalty goes to $ 250 a day with no limit to the fine.
    19. How old does an employee have to be to work as a roofer on a home? 18 except limited situations for
    20. 17 year old
    21. If an employer wants to be self insured for workers compensation:
    22. A. they must have special bonding
    23. B. must have the resources to pay for major claims
    24. C. must be certified by the WCD
    26. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits an employer from discriminating against applicants
    27. and employees in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and or national origin. Title
    28. VII applies to employer decisions regarding hiring,promotion,discipline,and discharge or termination,
    29. An employer may challenge action taken by supervisors,co-workers,and even third parties.
    30. Further,Title VII prevents retaliation against a person who,in good faith,has made a Title VII
    31. complaint or assisted another's Title VII complaint
    32. All supervisors or managers should be trained on sexual harassment policy. The policy should be:
    33. A. distributed to employees
    34. B. discussed with employees
    35. C. posted at all work sites
    36. D. all the above
    37. How would the Americans with Disabilities Act best be described? prohibits employers of 15 or more
    38. employees from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities.
    39. Any hours worked over 40 in a work week must be paid over-time. To compute the over-time, you
    40. multiply the wage by.1.5
    41. Employers are liable for unpaid wages for a period of 6 years from the date the wages were earned
    42. and 2 years for claims of unpaid overtime.
    43. ·A business must have 2 or more employees and have an annual sales volume of $500,000 or more to
    44. be subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
    45. Which of the following is not true regarding the employment of minors? minors under 16 under
    46. limited circumstances may be employed in the construction industry
    47. The Prevailing wage is also known as the Little Davis Bacon Act
    48. Which of the following is not considered discriminatory? not discharging an employee because his
    49. wages are garnished
    50. Employers leasing employees: should know that the leasing company will handle payroll, workers
    51. compensation most other paperwork for employees
    52. The (NLRA) protects the rights of both union and nonunion employees to engage in self organization.
    53. Discrimination is not allowed in the state of Oregon. Which of the following would not be considered
    54. a form of discrimination? religion, age, political party, marital status.
    55. A/an employee who works on or handles goods that move through interstate commerce is subject to
    56. the protection of the FLSA.
    57. Which of the following is not one of the responsibilities of the Bureau of Labor and Industries? respond to workers compensation issues.
    58. Federal and State Regulations prohibit the employment of minors under the age of 16 in construction.
    59. Which is not a factor for an independent contractor? You are directed and controlled for the labor and services you provide.
    60. Every employer employing any employees subject to the minimum wage provisions shall:post and keep posted an Oregon Minimum Wage Poster in a conspicuous place.
    61. Which of the following is exempt from prevailing wage rates requirements? A. projects for which the total project amount does not exceed $25,000
    62. B. contracts of a People’s Utility District
    63. C. Oregon Department of Corrections inmate labor work release program  D. ALL OF THE ABOVE
    64. Which of the following agencies regulate workplace issues? BOLI, Workers Compensation Division, OR-OSHA
    65. Where can employers go to find the current prevailing wage rates? BOLI at no cost
    66. Which of the following is false? a paid meal period may be as short as 20 minutes if the employer can show an industry practice or custom.
    67. If an employee quits and has given notice of at least 48 hours (excluding Saturday Sunday and Holidays) final pay is due on the last day of work.
    68. How old does an employee have to be to work as a roofer on a home? 18 except limited situations for 17 year olds
    69. Contractors who have been awarded a PWR public works contract are required to:pay a fee of one tenth of one percent of the contract price to BOLI
    70. The Oregon Family and Medical Leave Act Act only applies to employers with 25 or more employees.
    71. To be qualified as an independent contractor all of the following are true except:you don't choose your own hours
    72. Which of the following is not true regarding the employment of minors? minors under 16 under limited circumstances may be employed in the construction industry
    73. Which of the following agencies regulate workplace issues? BOLI, Workers Compensation Division, OR-OSHA
    74. ·Which of the following is not one of the responsibilities of the Bureau of Labor and Industries? respond to workers compensation issues
    75. An employer must complete an I-9 form and keep it on file for at least 3 year/s from the date of employment or for 1 year/s after the employee leaves the job, whichever is later.
    76. Minimum wage in Oregon is $ 7.95 an hour.
    77. An employer may be liable for wrongful discharge (despido injustificado) in violation of public policy if the 
employer terminates the employee for complying with a public duty, or for pursuing a right granted by law.
    78. In addition to any other penalties provided by law, BOLI may assess a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 for each violation of a contractor not paying the prevailing wage to employees when it is required.
    79. Which of the following is NOT in the criteria of "Economic Realities" BOLI uses to test when determining whether an employee or independent contractor relationship exists? A. the way payment is made.
    80. Which of the following is not something that the workers compensation division works to ensure. answer employees with occupational injuries or diseases receive permanent disability.
    81. Employees shall receive pay no more than 35 days after the first day en employer begins work or between pay days.
    82. ·Which of the following are qualifying purposes which eligible employees may request Oregon family and medical leave act (OFLA) leave:to be eligible employees of Oregon. up to 12 weeks leave for serious health condition,pregnancy,sick child leave,etc.
    83. Employer should have a written policy that defines and prohibits sexual harassment and that emphatically states that it is not tolerate.
    84. Employees may make certain deductions from employees paychecks which of the following is a deduction that is allowed? court ordered wage deductions.
    85. BOLI looks at the criteria commonly known as the economic realities test to determine if an individual worker is an employee or independent contractor.
    86. All contractors must comply with the OSE Act when hiring employees. This act: ensures the occupational safety and health of Oregon's workforce.
    87. Employees who work on public works jobs over $50,000 (excluding some exceptions) must receive equal to or more than the prevailing wage.
    88. Federal Law title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 prohibits an employer from discriminating against applicants and employees based on age,religion,race,color,disability,creed,sex,national origin and marital status.
    89. When hiring leased employees from a leasing company to perform construction activities,the leasing company needs to be licensed with the workers compensation division.
    90. Public Works projects under 50,000 are exempt from prevailing wage.
    91. An employees is automatically liable for sexual harassment when a tangible employment occurs. True
    92. if an employee quits without 48 hours notice,final pay is due within 5 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) or the next pay day after the employee quits,whichever is sooner.
    93. The 25 or more employees act only applies to employers.
    94. Employers employing minors must obtain an annual employment certificate. The certificate does not cover which of the following? numbers of hours worked
    95. A valid independent contractor must meet 8 legal requirements listed in your manual which of the following is not correct? be paid on completion of portions of work or on a retainer basis/be directed and controlled by general contractor.
    96. Employee personnel records, are records such as promotions,disciplinary action employment termination,etc. after the employee terminates, the employer must maintain these records: at least 60 days from termination date.
    97. Which of the following is not true regarding prevailing wage? the maximum fee that maybe charged on a prevailing wage project is $10,000.
    98. Which of the following is not a benefit of workers compensation? compensation for pain and suffering
    99. if you receive a wage claim you will be notified by BOLI via mail. You have several options once the claim is received,which does not belong? if the employer agrees that a portion of the amount claimed is due, that the amount should be held by the employer until the entire claim is settle.
    100. if John receives $10.00 an hour and worked 10 hours the first week and 50 hours the 2nd week,what would John's wage be for the two weeks pay period? $650.00
    101. When employing minors: paid rest period of 15 minutes for each 4 hour work period.
    102. The government and administration of wages of Oregon and hour issues. BOLI & amp; HOUR Div

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    HOSO list to hunt ? I know where is an
    hind !
    But as for me, alas ! I may no more,
    The vain travail hath wearied me so sore ;
    I am of them that furthest come behind.
    Yet may I by no means my wearied mind
    Draw from the deer ; but as she fleeth afore
    Fainting I follow ; I leave off therefore,
    Since in a net I seek to hold the wind.
    Who list her hunt, I put him out of doubt
    As well as I, may spend his time in vain !
    And graven with diamonds in letters plain,
    There is written her fair neck round about ;
    ' Noli me tangere ; for C├Žsar's I am,
    And wild for to hold, though I seem tame.'

    Yeowell, James, Ed. The Poetical Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt.
    London: George Bell and Sons, 1904. 19.

    to the Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt

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    Eusebio Castillo                                                                                                                                  
    English 223A
    13 October 2008
    Assignment # 2


    In 1976 I must have been living in the State of Puebla where I used to live with Ruth, Nohemi, Alex, Josue, Jorge, Mom and Dad.  Divorce in my village was unheard-of around this time. “Unlike Anarchy in the Tenth Grade” my parents were going through some rough times for the fact that my dad used to drink cheap Mexican beer and other homemade remedies his friends prepare for him. I think he also cheated on my mother and used to hang around with criminals who stole cattle from the nearby villages.
    Nothing like Greg Graffin whose immediate life and survival was challenged and harassed by, “ the geeks, nerds, dorks, wimps, and pussies (or worse, wussies)” for his deficient 'knowingness' to communicate with the rock bands that he used to hang around with  and with the world of the farandula of “Rodney on the Roq ‘(on station KROQ)' ”. Although, liquor, beer, honey-water and mescal were my dad’s consumption to get intoxicated because in those days psychiatry drugs weren’t yet prevalent and peyote didn’t really grow in my village. My dad had to also escalate among his gang, he had to learn to ride colts, break down stallions, manicure mares, raise a foal, vaccinate, and last but not least fitted them with horseshoes. Then, had to learn to shot rifles and pistols from all calibers and target practice. You were not consider a lower class if you didn’t do any of these things, my dad used to do, because I want to assume the people in town didn’t really believe or thought in measures of lower class, second-class, upper class; however, if you belong to a gang and you failed at demonstrating your cowboy’s vigor you simply were ridicule and disrespected by your team.
    It was survival for my father to participate in some of the activities with his teammates accordingly if he pulled back when necessitated of their friendship and help to plant, harvest and haul fertilizers for his land they will not be there for him. If he was in need of a pair of oxen or mules to put the yoke to fix his land because he didn’t have them for whatever reason.  He will go to his brother (Felix) or friends and they will help him to get what he needed. Even, if my dad needed more land for plantation, they will provide it.  I want to assume my dad is a good person but survival in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties in my village was hell. We used to drink water from the rivers where animals defecated and urinated and where women washed their laundry. I don’t endorse the fact that he deviated to commit some illegal and immoral acts but here we are alive because dad learned to overcome many of the challenges that life gave him. I am sure he hated being alienated from his church because I observed him not attending and because on one occasion he communicated to me that he was undignified of the life he used to live or that he was living. Mom told me that dad didn’t belong to his teammates but I say he did because I am alive. I am dignified to be his son, their son. Just like Greg Graffin is dignified to have gotten in to his next Ph.D. program.